WoW! Roles in Depth – Working Together Workshop

How to collaborate for planning increments and sprints

With Certified WoW! Trainer (CWoW!)

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We cover critical aspects such as alignment, transparency, and quality. We help the attendees develop their own way of working (WoW) together.

The Roles in Depth – Working Together workshops are two 1-day events, designed for any group that really wants to understand and optimise the way they work together in the agile setup with planning increments and sprints.

The workshop has two versions:

  • Focus on the management level
  • Focus on the team level

During both versions, the attendees are given a deep understanding of what it really means to work together in an agile way. We do not assume that everyone knows how to work together from the beginning. Our experience has helped us understand the challenges involved and what can be done to get a healthy WoW.
The attendees leave the workshop with alignment around their WoW and an agreement on who does what. Going forward, this will help your delivery body mature and excel.

Benefits Covered

The major benefit after a completed workshop is the deep understanding of the agile roles and how they interact with each other. This will dramatically improve your agile organisation’s ability to deliver more, deliver faster, and with higher quality.


All parties concerned will have an agreed way of working together, which creates a smoother workflow across the teams


A mutual understanding of who does what will improve communication and simplify your efforts of decentralisation


A common language between the parties will increase transparency, speed up decision-making and increase delivery

The delivery of a successful workshop would be achieved through the following four steps:

This workshop can also be delivered as a course, in which case all role descriptions will be given to the attendees and discussed during the course, instead of starting with the basic descriptions and enhancing them in the workshop.

The workshop version is time-boxed with an organised approach and is based on pre-workshop preparations by you.

  • We will provide you with relevant guidance that will assist in preparing the pre-workshop information to be used by us in this workshop
  • We will review the results of the preparations provided by you at least one week prior to the workshop. It’s possible that further consultation with you, or your management, is required to enhance the preparations prior to the workshop
  • We will conduct the workshop in seven parts, as described below
  • We will comprehensively document the insights and results of the workshop and furnish them to you for implementation

The duration of this workshop is two full days and the fee is fixed and pre-agreed. The workshop will be conducted by a highly-trained and certified Force Agile professional.

The workshop will be executed in four sessions:

The workshop will be led by one of our workshop leaders and will be conducted in English. All the documentation relating to the workshop will be in English.

It is preferable for the workshop session to be held in an external conference facility in a calm environment that ensures adequate focus. Conference-related costs are not included in the fee and will be borne by the customer.

  • Presentation of pre-workshop preparations
    – You present your delivery organisation and its current maturity level(s)
  • The maturity staircase
    – A walkthrough of the different maturity levels, what constitutes them and their respective acceptance criteria
  • The maturity criteria
    – We go through all criteria and look at different ways to categorize them
    – Learning what to do when a criterion is not met and what it means
  • Maturity assessment
    – Learn how to perform a maturity assessment
    – Assessing your organisation (for Workshop version only)

The result of the workshop will be comprehensively documented in MS PowerPoint and delivered to you in PDF format within a week of the workshop completion.

Agenda Details:

  • Customer presentation – Your roles
  • Agile organisational theory
  • The basic descriptions
  • Your own role descriptions
  • The contract
  • Summary and next steps


For each course delivered there will be a minimum attendance fee of €5,500.00. This fee includes up to 10 attendees. The fee for additional attendees, up to a maximum of another 15, would be charged at €300 per attendee.

1-Day (2 versions) Company-specific Workshop

Not for individuals | Fundamental agile knowledge necessary
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Practicality and experience of the instructor balance between listening and doing.


Learned stuff to take home - will do this with teams liked the valuation to items on backlog


This gave us a great toolkit to value what we, as a company, should focus on next


The instructor was extremely experienced and knowledgeable.

Chris Kuÿper

The best takeaway for me was the focus on working from company vision all the way back to the backlog. And the relation between all these steps.

Mark Van Meurs

I found the joint conversations on the topics very useful.

Jeroen Baks

We went through a lot of topics and now have a good overview of what agile means


This course was near to the practice. The instructor was very flexible to accommodate our tight time schedule.


Instructors energy. Involvement of the audience. Good exercises with proper time section

Marco Tonino

This was a very good overview in a compressed schedule.


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WoW! Roles in Depth – Working Together Workshop