WoW! Remote Team Leadership Inspiration Webinar

Bridging the gap in and between decentralised teams

With Certified WoW! Coach (CWoW!)

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WoW! Remote - Force Agile

In this 90 minutes webinar, we will bring you up to speed with all important aspects of creating sustainable remote teams.

You will get to know the key characteristics of leaders that create highly motivated and productive teams. You will get to learn an easy-to-implement model for running distributed teams. You will become familiar with how to develop team affiliation and how to strengthen social skills. Finally, you will get an overview of highly relevant and up to date methodologies for creating productive teams.

About this webinar

Upon completion of the course, you will be in a position to:

  • Identify and understand the many challenges that come with remote teamwork
  • How to strengthen social aspects and develop affiliation in remote teams
  • Understand the Force Agile framework for distributed value creation
  • Relevant examples to learn how to apply methods, tools and techniques to develop best practices remote teamwork

This is what’s included when you book this course:

  • Downloadable workbook, containing slides with notes and explanations to images and exercises.

Attendance of the course:

  • This course is open to all individuals.

90 – 120 minutes

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