WoW! For Scrum Masters & Product Owners (SMPO) 2-Day

Affecting real change through intensive collaboration

With Certified SAP Trainer (CSAP)

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This course is for current or prospective Scrum Masters and Product Owners who wish to gain a deeper knowledge and know what these roles really mean.

An important take-away is to learn how the cooperation between SM and PO can help the team mature and become a value-driven hyper-productive team. Unlike most similar courses, which mostly focus on a single role and simple tools, without a connection to real profit, this course gives you a genuine understanding of the two roles; Scrum Master and Product Owner, how they interact and what is required to help your team become hyper-productive and deliver true value beyond expectations.

Topics Covered

This course equips you with a massive set of tools to:

Climb the agile maturity staircase
Drastically improve your own and your team’s way of working
Shorten time to market, speed up delivery and increase margins
Achieve highly motivated and engaged co-workers
Effectively manage constantly changing priorities
Understand the importance of delivering customer value instead of “things”

Upon completion of the course, you will be in a position to:

  • Fulfill and develop the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master in a delivery body
  • Utilise and facilitate different tools for creating a product vision with clear goals and a strategy to fulfil them
  • Manage and simplify the facilitation of the creative processes of different backlogs (portfolio, delivery organisation and team)
  • Help develop and enhance the delivery capacity of a team, delivery body or organisation
  • Help teams to climb the agile maturity staircase and understand the acceptance criteria associated with each level
  • Develop people and organisations by becoming a servant leader
  • Understand many of the factors that make a hyper-productive, value-generating team
  • Explain and demonstrate the concept of a “holistic view” on delivery
  • Understand, measure and manage factors that impact Time to Market (TTM)
  • Understand how to measure the value delivered by the team, delivery body or organisation
  • Understand DevOps and the delivery pipeline and how SM & PO can work together to optimise it

This is what’s included when you book this course:

  • Course workbook, containing full-colour slides with notes and explanations to images and exercises
  • Preparation and eligibility to take the exam for the “Agile
  • Practices Foundation Certificate” or “Agile Practices Foundation Certificate Team Lead”
  • Course certificate of completion
  • One-year membership to the Force Agile Platform with access to downloadable white papers, articles, course updates and more

Attendance of the course:

  • All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, with the experience of SM and PO roles, you will be able to fully utilise the content of this course and develop a deeper understanding.

Examination & certification

Completion of this course gives you access to the exam Agile Practices Foundation Certificate and all related study materials. You can choose one of two exams:

  • Agile Practices Foundation Certificate
  • Agile Practices Foundation Certificate – Team Lead

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