Process Improvement through Waste & Obstacle Removal (1 Day)

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Free up capacity & increase profitability by creating flow in your value chain.

Update your knowledge on how to free up capacity and increase profitability by creating flow in your value chain. Whether you provide services or products to your customers, or whether your value chains are completely digital or not, this course will help you understand why the elimination of waste and bottlenecks in your value streams are more valuable than working solely on sales and top-line growth.

The course will bring you up to speed on understanding why deviations, waste and bottlenecks must be treated as treasures that, when resolved, will free up capacity to grow with minimal additional costs or continue to produce at current level with reduced costs.

You will get the insights to analyse your value streams and using the right methodology to overcome hurdles, bottlenecks and waste. By attending the course, you will understand how to source the right facts, identify relevant cause-effects, identify the right priorities and take the right, facts-based actions to reduce or eliminate bottlenecks and waste.

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About this course

Upon completion of the course, you will be in a position to:

  • View waste and bottlenecks as hidden treasures that can be unlocked into profit and increased capacity
  • Understand how to apply facts and use the right tools and methodologies
  • Identify relevant cause-effects related to deviations/bottlenecks/waste
  • Apply methodology to identify the right priorities for what effects are most important to work with
  • Apply methods to implement lasting new best practices in order to free up capacity and increase profits
  • The all-important focus on customer-centricity, servant leadership and teamwork, including how the right leadership behaviour and teamwork will drive the organisation forward, in order to work with resolving deviations on a continuous basis

This is what’s included when you book this course:

  • Course workbook, containing full-colour slides with notes and explanations of images and exercises
  • Course certificate of completion

Attendance of the course:

  • This course is open to all individuals. There is no requirement for prior experience. However, some knowledge in value streams and understanding of business processes are useful, but not needed.

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