FAST! Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis (1 Day)

Problems are business development opportunities in disguise!

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How a Lean-Agile approach to problem-solving can give you more effective, predictable and profitable results.

I have been working with systematic problem-solving, large and small, for 15 years. My number one lesson is that problem-solving must never be firefighting or reactive in nature. In my experience, problem-solving done in a systematic fashion, in a team environment, supported by established methods and on a continuous basis, can prove to be the easiest and most cost-efficient way to do business development. A best practice approach to systematic problem-solving increases customer satisfaction, profitability, and uninterrupted value creation.

In this one-day course, we will work our way through a state-of-the-art approach to problem-solving. Highly practical and built on recognised methodologies including agile ways of working.

We start by combining the three major components of systematic problem-solving:

  1. A systematic, easy-to-follow 8-step approach
  2. Clear guidelines to ensure the quality of your work
  3. Best practices roadmap to follow

Training is required in order to master the art of systematic problem-solving. A benefit of this approach is it’s ease of use in practical problem-solving. Furthermore, by following our roadmap, describing and documenting problem-solving steps and reporting will become an integrated part of your problem-solving process. As a result of its highly scalable nature, this approach works equally as well for 10-minute problem-solving activities as it does for larger and more complex business challenges.

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This course equips you with a massive set of tools to:

Define the current situation by identifying symptoms and facts within the relevant value stream
Describe the nature of the problem
Define your target state when the problem is resolved
Define and prioritise on the cause-effect relationships that matter and identify the root cause
Work in an agile way to efficiently prioritise and implement relevant countermeasures
Close the gaps between current and target state so that problems do not reoccur

About this course

Upon completion of the course, you will be in a position to:

  • Solve business problems and challenges accurately, efficiently and with confidence
  • Know how to get the desired effects by addressing the right problems with the right approach​
  • Choose the right approaches and tools for different types of problems
  • Understand how to apply structural problem-solving techniques to the business value streams and the support organisation
  • Understand the power of systematic problem-solving in developing your business and create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Illustrate these important aspects with real-life examples and exercises
  • Help your teams and leaders to get up to speed with the right approach to problem-solving

This is what’s included when you book this course:

  • Course workbook, containing full-colour slides with notes and explanations of images and exercises
  • Course certificate of completion

Attendance of the course:

  • This course is open to all individuals. There is no requirement for prior experience in systematic problem-solving. Typical attendees have the following background: Operational leaders, scrum masters, product owners, product managers, team-members, product and service developers, internal coaches and sales & marketing professionals.

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