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Description of the LAVIA event

Bring more business value to your organisation by unlocking the true potential and purpose of your Internal ISO Audits. This highly practical and engaging course in value adding internal ISO auditing using a Lean-Agile approach will help you to achieve greater engagement and value in your organisation.

How a holistic business and Lean-Agile approach to ISO standards can help you to bring value to the organisation through internal audits.

Many organisations are facing challenges when performing internal ISO audits. Challenges like heavy bureaucracy, burdensome documentation with low buy-in from users and a feeling of policing and cleaning-up before external audits. Challenges that don’t drive engagement. The very key to all success is engagement.

This is a highly practical course for organisations working with ISO-standards aiming to take the next step to ensure that the requirements from ISO are implemented throughout the organisation.

In this course we will guide you through the unique steps to ensure a holistic business and Lean-Agile approach to Internal auditing. A way forward, or a

framework, for you to build your own value adding internal audits that drive improvements and results in a positive direction.

The course is highly collaborative and mix lectures with discussions and exercises. It will cover key requirements in the ISO standards from an internal audit and a business development perspective, coaching techniques, great focus areas, planning and training of auditors, different scenarios, and dilemmas and much more.

The goal of this two-day course is to give you the tools and insight to a hassle-free implementation of ISO-requirements that drives engagement using a Lean-Agile approach when auditing your organisation.

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Topics Covered

This course equips you with a massive set of tools to:

Define the current situation by identifying symptoms and facts within the relevant value stream
Describe the nature of the problem
Define your target state when the problem is resolved
Define and prioritise on the cause-effect relationships that matter and identify the root cause
Work in an agile way to efficiently prioritise and implement relevant countermeasures
Close the gaps between current and target state so that problems do not reoccur

About this course

  • How to create a relaxed auditing atmosphere
  • Some important basic ISO requirements, the purpose and what they mean in practice
  • How to plan and gain leadership engagement in audits
  • Basic knowledge about the importance of a holistic auditor mindset
  • Have a basic knowledge around a selection of useful tools and methods linked to Internal ISO audits
  • How to minimize bureaucracy and heavy documentation
  • Gain a competitive edge by creating a culture of continuous improvements

This is what’s included when you book this course:

  • Course workbook, containing full-colour slides with notes and explanations of images and exercises
  • Course certificate of completion

Attendance of the course:

  • This course is open to all individuals. There is no requirement for prior experience. However, some knowledge in ISO requirements is highly recommended. To attend our LAISO-course would be highly advantageous.
  • Min = 7 participants
  • Max= 20 participants
  • 2 days

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