Learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Eric Hoffer

Force Agile Training

All of our agile frameworks and methodologies are in a constant feedback loop with the fast-paced evolution in today’s business environment. This allows us to regularly update our training courses with fresh market insights our partners are learning from their daily implementations in large-scale agile projects.


  • Learn unique, beyond-agile FAST! Methodologies through our Remote Teaching courses
  • Be a part of a new breed of agile professionals equipped with our exclusive practices
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  • A Force Agile exclusive methodology, compiled with 25 years of global agile implementation experience
  • Learn to lead with a new holistic framework updated with revised agile methodologies
  • Participate in interactive workshops with our experienced implementers and trainers

  • Actionable learning for every SAFe role with globally consistent courseware and certification
  • Networking and learning with over 500,000 SAFe professionals
  • Access to tools, guidance, and role-based communities of practice

Client Reviews

Knut is an excellent international businessman: a strategist and cool, calm negotiator. People like doing business with him and he is a good leader, easy to follow. We came up with some excellent, innovative strategies together.

Peter HelfetConsultant at Business Creation

Kjetil managed Jon directly Jon worked as a senior consultant in The Performance Group with special competence in Change Management, facilitating restructuring processes with specific use of "Lean" theories and practice. Customers soon realised that Jon’s unique personal talents combining an analytical, well-structured and organised profile, with a people-oriented, and highly motivational leadership gave fast and sustainable results. After a while it was impossible for us to keep Jon in our company due to customer demand; engaging him full time as a "Management for Hire", and later a permanent position as a CEO. I will recommend Jon to those of you who need a bold, experienced, performance-driven and motivating professional who has a proven record of impressive business results.

Kjetil ØrbeckDirector at Ecura

I've worked with Prash Patel for more than 15 Years on a Variety of Marketing Projects. His Understanding of Harcore Classic Marketing and Cutting Edge Digital makes him a fantastic Marketing Partner on any project. To have Prash in on the strategy at an early stage can help get any project off in the right direction, and avoid the expense of taking the wrong path. His empathy with the client and customer mentality is a fantastic resource when trying to establish customer motivation to buy or become part of a project.


Jon was the first CEO of the combined printing plants of Schibsted in Norway. It was a very challenging time with lower demand for printed papers and mixed relationships with the unions. I selected Jon especially for his lean methodology mindset. As it turned out this became a massive asset for the company and we managed to work together with the unions to create an environment of continuous improvements. This again allowed us to become more competitive to capture more business outside Schibsted to improve profitability. Jon was instrumental in driving this change and he managed to this due to deep knowledge about lean methodology, a strategic orientated mindset and a fantastic ability to communicate his ideas and to bring people on board. As a leader, he managed to create trust among all employees, without being soft or lack of execution. Tough decisions were taken, but everyone knew they were fair and right.

Frode NordsethSenior Vice President Operations at Talabat

Meanwhile, Knut has worked in the AMT as CEO, he has established a large number of business opportunities worldwide. He has a strong market focus and an open mind to new emerging business cases. His strength lies primarily in the extraordinary good negotiator. Some of the potential customers he got to the AMT.
Google, Microsoft, Several companies in China, TV2 in Norway, RTL in Germany, and more. I can highly recommend Knut as "New Age CEO".

Peter TothCEO at Euronix

I’ve enjoyed working with Prash on various e-commerce and e-gaming projects over the past 6 years. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to customer acquisition,
delivery of communication, and retention. I recommend him to any business seeking a
marketing veteran.

Marek MahdalCTO Rockchain

It has been a pleasure to work both alongside and for him. Besides his competences in engineering and marketing, his successful mix of determination and focus weighed against flexibility, reflectiveness and an eagerness to include all involved in planning and implentation, are without a doubt the key to his success.

Colin JenesonSenior Engineer, Quality Management at Tandberg Data

I have had the pleasure of working with Knut at the Board level and within business development since early 2009. Knut uses his strong analytic abilities and people skills to supervise employees and manage partner relations in an excellent way. He has a particular skill for spotting the inherent but veiled strategic options in a given business process. This innovative quality, combined with a vigorous entrepreneurial approach, makes him a strong contributor to business development processes. I much enjoy doing business with Knut, and I look forward to continued cooperation in the years ahead.

Jan Martin HunderiCEO | Founder | DDFinance

I had the privilege to work together with Jon in Schibsted Norge for several years. When I started at Schibsted he had led and facilitated the implementation of the Lean philosophy throughout the entire Schibsted printing operations (5 Production facilities and HQ, approximately 400 employees). It improved the productivity and throughput for all plants tremendously. I know Jon as highly skilled in Lean, focused on results, and as a very good motivator and leader. I can recommend Jon to everybody who wants change and continuous improvements in their organizations.

Rune AlmaasProject Manager at i REC

Knut´s ability to grasp the situation and show a deep understanding om our business and company concept, as well as the possible strategies, was impressive. He quickly got "under the skin" of our employees and performed a substantial turn-around task to bring the company back on track after a less successful growth period. He delivered all the way and left a good working platform for our new managing director. I highly recommend Knut!

Dag SannerSenior Management Advisor

As a member of the Executive Global Network leadership team and having responsibility for business development, I have known Jon Urdal closely for approximately 4 years. Jon is a great example of a leader who owns a clear vision, communicates it in a friendly and convincing manner, and empowers partners and the team to all pull in the same direction. The result is a team that goes that extra mile to finish a project, and at the same time does it with professionalism and the right confidence. Jon is a capacity for Lean, leadership, and continuous improvement in Norway. His approach to Lean is very practical and to the point. Thanks to him, Lean best practices are well implemented in our sales value streams at EGN Norway. His competence in Lean leadership is well known and he is a very popular speaker on topics involving Lean-Agile thinking, leadership, and how to build sustainable improvement cultures within organizations. Combined with integrity, a great ability to develop partnerships and relationships, and a highly developed sense of identifying business opportunities, Jon is a valuable and highly
valued member of any team he joins. I have no reservations giving Jon my warmest recommendations.

Steffen Mussche JohansenSales & Project Manager at Anzyz Technologies

I worked with Knut Aulund during and after the merger of Land-5 with Tandberg Data ASA. I found Knut to be a focused and driven executive with an eye towards quality of both product and people. I felt that Knut had a firm grasp of the business challenges being faced combined with an entrepreneurial dedication to getting things done efficiently and correctly.

Kris LandCEO / CTO at California Technology Solutions

Knut is a first-class manager who not only takes care of the numbers but also has an excellent view of the short and long term objectives. He looks at the market of a company and has a very sensible view for turns and takes his chances straight forward.

Roger DavidCEO at Windream GmbH

I worked with Prash in what was probably the most crucial point in my company’s growth: from a young startup, SiGMA was fast becoming a company with structures, procedures, and KPIs. Prash has been a critical thinker that helped us grow thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the entire marketing mix.

Eman PulisCEO SiGMA Group

Having had the opportunity of working with Knut under M&A circumstances, I can verify that he is sharp as a razor as well as a no bullshit manager with a keen eye on the income statement. He is genuinely operational but at the same time innovative and not afraid to challenge socalled truths within strategic as well as tactical matters. He also finds his way through all social levels - internally and externally; colleagues as well as competitors; industrialists, lawyers or private equity people the like

Jens HanssonCo-founder and Partner at OTW Capital AB

Knut is an experienced manager and executive within the IT industry. He is skilled and successful within the establishment and management of strategical alliances and business development . His management style encourages initiative and responsibility.

Jan-Frode PedersenProcurement Manager, AF Decom Offshore at AF Gruppen

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