Business agility is no longer a choice for being successful in today’s’ changing environment. And teams are at the core of the value creation. To thrive in an ever-increasingly competitive world requires organisations to focus on how to optimise the way teams work and how to lead teams. Also, teams are often working remotely, introducing a new level of complexity to the equation. Attracting the best competence often requires the organisation to offer remote work and hybrid solutions that alternate between remote and centralized value creation.

That’s why Force Agile is introducing a set of offerings related to remote and distributed teams. To manage the complexity, we at Force Agile have developed an easy-to-implement model that incorporates all the critical aspects of running value creation remotely.


Leading by example is key in managing remote teams. But that is not enough. Leaders need a skill set that combines the understanding of decentralised decision making, trust and responsibilities. Communicating crystal clear values and visions are more important than ever. We provide you with all the aspects needed to help you stay confident in leading distributed teams.


Being the core value creator in modern organisations, understanding the inner secrets of teamworking are essential. Creating a culture of respect, motivation, constant learning and continuous improvement are key elements.


Learning from our own experience, successful company habits and proven principles from Lean-Agile theory, Force Agile provides hands-on methodology and tools to enable highly efficient best practices for teams to deliver value and thrive at the same time. Also, remote teams need to rely on tools and technologies to get work done.

Meet our FAST! Remote leaders

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About Us

Knut Aulund

Group CEO

Knut has served as a leader in global businesses for over 25 years. Since his early management buy out he has been successfully creating value for society, shareholders, employees and partners.

FAST! Remote Webinars

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Remote Team Leadership Inspiration Webinar

With Certified FAST! Coach

In this 90 minutes webinar, we will bring you up to speed with all important aspects of creating sustainable remote teams. You will get to know the key characteristics of leaders who create highly motivated and productive teams … Read more

FAST! Remote Courses

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Remote Team Leadership Course (1 day)

With Certified FAST! Coach

Leading by example is key in managing remote teams. But that is not enough. Leaders need a skill set that combines the understanding of decentralized decision making, trust and responsibilities … Read more

FAST! Remote Workshops

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Remote Team Leadership Workshop (3 days)

With Certified FAST! Coach

Nothing can be more useful and productive than learning by bringing in your own team challenges in the context of your own business competitive environment. In this 3-day company-specific workshop, we will identify and focus on the key challenges of your distributed teams in the context of your value streams, aiming for converting your distributed teams into highly productive delivery engines … Read more

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