More than 90% of the 10,000 senior executives surveyed see agility and collaboration as critical to their firm’s success.


How Force Agile quietly gained its edge and how your business can use it to its advantage with our help

Over the past 25 years of implementing large-scale transformations, 12 years of it working with agile frameworks, our practical applications have resulted in significant insights that are unique to our experience.

We discovered that whilst agile frameworks were at the core of our every delivery, the application of these frameworks were as individual as each business we served. Gaps were appearing in conventional methodologies that required us to innovate solutions to ageing principles.

We cooked all our knowledge, experience and innovation into a new, proprietary methodology that future-proofs outdated agile principles. It’s a fully-modernised, agile delivery framework that offers hybrid solutions to help organisations dominate in today’s fast-evolving business landscape. At the heart of it is an addictive, company-wide obsession on consistently satisfying your customers.

We call it FAST! A Financially Applicable & Sustainable Transformation


Financially Applicable and Sustainable Transformation (FAST!)
Circles of Influence

  1. Value human capital – detect and attract the best talent
  2. People first – talent vs skill. Nurture servant-leaders
  3. Instill role-versatility as the standard
  4. Measure satisfaction and expectations – retain only the best
  5. Build loyalty and value using safety and innovation
  1. Embrace evolving technology and architecture to scale
  2. Process optimisation drives technology requirements
  3. Use software to increase the speed of the output
  4. Continuous technology development & automated delivery practices
  5. Team management tools for direct and transparent communications
  1. Increase the effect relative to the value created
  2. Deliver value early and in steps, profitably
  3. Maximize output and minimize time between improvements
  4. Vision is communicated continuously and embraced
  5. Roadmaps with alternatives and preparation for the unknown
Combining Business, Technologies and Talents we provide FAST! – a Financially Applicable & Sustainable Transformation.

A Complimentary 2-Hour Executive deep dive into agile transformations

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The FAST! Holistic Transformation Road Map (HTRM)

A key feature of Force Agile clients’ success.

When implemented correctly our HTRM has the ability to give you a transformation that delivers the value the market, as well as your stakeholders, demand. In good times it maximizes your output and profits, and in challenging times it gives you the most cost-effective delivery-organization possible.

  1. Present benefits of agile inspiration to leadership
  2. Explore and evaluate the client’s needs
  3. Discuss implementation options and create tender for assignment
  1. Conduct in-depth assessments and report the findings to leadership
  2. Create an assignment plan in collaboration with the client based on assessment insights
  3. Ensure all execution options are fully understood and agreed by leadership
  1. Leadership invites all resources relevant to the scope of the assignment to attend the strategy workshop
  2. Conduct a strategy workshop to set organisational baselines and outline a delivery scope of the assessment plan
  3. Numerous workshops may be needed if the scope is to transform multiple departments
  1. The leaders responsible for contracting the assignment will be trained first in order to secure their full support for the assignment
  2. Leadership will understand what will happen to their organisation and exactly what support will be required of them
  1. Understand how the company makes its money and what support it needs
  2. This can be done on an entire organisation or by individual units of it
  3. Design a delivery body, using available talent, that is optimised to support the value stream(s)
  4. This is a vital delivery body and not necessarily a new line organisation
  1. The ones that will lead the delivery bodies will be trained first
  2. Planning will be carried out with leadership and the new leaders of the delivery bodies
This is done by iterating the following steps through the different parts of the organisation relevant to the assignment:
(Our coaches are closely following the new organisation during the first increment.)

The order in which the HTRM is implemented can sometimes be different depending on the circumstances of your organisation. Also, the units used can also be varied depending on where you are in your transformation journey.

The ultimate goal of your transformation is to achieve the smooth running of a continual, company-wide agile way of working. In order to know if your transformation is succeeding or not, accurate current realities have to be evaluated at the outset, plus well-defined KPIs have to be established so that progress can be measured in regular increments.

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