“Leadership, people and technology are the most important value creators any company really has. Our role is to make your leaders great, people strong and technology work, all within a customised delivery platform, and towards a common purpose!”

Knut AulundCo-founder, Managing Partner - Force Agile AS

Our Principles

Transformation with Leadership

The direction, drive, and support, in full, for a transformation has to be led by decision-makers. If leadership doesn’t transform, the organisation won’t transform. We always start at the top.

Experiential Delivery at All Times

Our deliveries are based on real experiences of serving our clients on a daily basis. We constantly update our knowledge by analysing what’s working, or no longer working, and infusing these insights into our practices. We give our clients the most up to date market intel possible and increase their potential for success as a result.

Being Current and Relevant

We help transform businesses by utilising our holistic combination of proven frameworks, dependable technologies, and tested talent optimisation strategies. We believe in the effective fusion of processes, technology, and talent to be the future of successful organisational agility.

Open-source Philosophy

Customising solutions for clients by utilising any methodology or framework at our disposal is at the core of our delivery. We never rely on a single framework. WoW! is a Force Agile platform that consists of all frameworks and methodologies we have experienced over 25 years of helping clients. It includes proprietary systems designed by Force Agile to fill the gaps appearing in aging agile methodologies.

Coaching for Self-sufficiency

Building dependency is counter-productive and is avoided at all costs. We never tell clients what solutions they need in their business or how they should go about implementing them. Instead, over time, we guide them through learnable processes to discover solutions and implement them by themselves. Our aim is to always become redundant in every organisation we help.

Our Credos

  • The power, will, and competence in our teams are keys to progress
  • Working tightly as a team brings all of us, and each of us, further towards our individual and corporate goals
  • Customer centricity defines our practices and guides us in all we do, all the time
  • There are no limits to improvement in what we can achieve together
  • Our ability to constantly adapt always will be our most powerful asset
  • Our combined knowledge, the respect we have for each other and common willingness to share makes us united, strong and unbeatable
  • Practice what we preach. We are the change and, for our clients, we only ever use methodologies that have given us positive results and experiences
  • Aim for incremental growth, across the board, towards a well-defined and well-communicated common goal
  • Insist on measuring everything against baseline metrics that stakeholders commit to at the inception of projects

Work With Us

We are always on the lookout for key professionals to join our growing team. We love talking with masters of their disciplines, passionate people who have an eye for creating value for our clients, as well as their customers.

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Professional Opportunities

Meet our Leaders


Mats Jegebo

Co-Founder - Chief Product Officer

In His Own Words

I have spent a big part of my life traveling. I have lived in many different countries, like Guiné Bissau, Portugal, and the USA. I currently live in Malta with my wife, Hermine, and my youngest son, Maximillian, 8 years old. I have 2 adult kids from my first marriage. Alexander, 25, and Isabella 22.

I don’t have much time for sports, but when I do, I like Crossfit, Scuba Diving, Golf, and Downhill skiing. It goes hand in hand with my passion to travel and see new places.

I adore good food and I love to cook and eat, which you can tell when you meet me!

What Others Say

Mats loves to help enterprises to become more effective, efficient, and profitable. With 27 active years in the consultancy business, he has helped a large number of organisations with his unique blend of skill, experience and passion.

He’s a very happy and positive individual with excellent leadership skills. Mats has the ability to spread enthusiasm, which is just one of the things that has made him the appreciated consultant he is today.

His professional driving force is to make the world a little better and make money while doing it.

Over the years Mats has worked in numerous industry sectors, including:

- Enterprise transformation coaching
- Methodology support and Training
- Portfolio management
- Business project management
- IT project management
- Test management
- Process and scenario design and analysis
- Business and risk analysis
- Quality assurance and Test management
- Systems architecture and development
- Information architecture
- Requirements handling and management
- Portal frameworks, design and development

Mats is also a highly sought-after lecturer and a celebrated thought leader. He loves tough challenges because they bring out the absolute best his experience and personality has to offer!

Patrik Just

Co-Founder - Chief Delivery Officer

In His Own Words

I live in Sweden, not far from Stockholm, where I’ve been living for most of my life. I am married to Marika, and together we have a son who is 21 and a bonus son who has long since left the house. And he too has a little daughter of his own, so you can say that I have a bonus grandchild.

When I’m not working, we like to travel in our camper. We normally hit the road and head down to some country in Europe for a few weeks, preferably where you can find some good food and drink. But at home, there is always some work to do around our house, which we built some years ago. The garden sometimes feels enormous!

I’m a quiet sort of guy who really loves to inspire and coach people in my influence to grow and learn new things.

What Others Say

Patrik is an accomplished strategic advisor, coach and trainer, with a genuine knowledge in identifying and developing business processes and sustainable Ways of Working (WoW).

He has more than 25 years of production and operations experience from the Energy & Power, Pharmaceutical and Automotive industries, including 12 years in senior roles.

Patrik has a great understanding of the modern challenges faced by organisations from the bottom up. Over the past eight years, he has focused on Lean and Agile methodologies, as well as participation in countless Lean-Agile based projects and implementations in the Energy & Power, Media, and Banking sectors.

Patrik believes that to inspire and motivate both people and organisations, to a point where they realise the benefits of sustainable ways of working for themselves, is the best way to coach them on their transformation journeys.


Jari Aho

Co-Founder - CEO, Sweden

In His Own Words

I was born on the same date as Finland officially became a nation. It’s always a Flag day on MY DAY in Finland. However, my parents moved to Sweden and that’s where I grew up. I have three fantastic girls from my former marriage. Together with my girlfriend we now have 5 girls to handle, so I am well prepared for negotiations.
Sports keep me in good shape in my spare time. It gives me the energy I need to constantly develop and learn new things.

As a person, I am just a normally abnormal human being. Lots of humor. Don’t be surprised if I play with words even in very serious discussions. I do believe in a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone feels comfy. Honesty is an important principle and a lifelong attitude.

Favourite quote: Space is Dangerous - especially the space, between your ears!

What Others Say

As an entrepreneur, Jari has always stayed at the forefront of technology development. This ability gave Jari an early interest in DevOps, which accelerates an enterprise's ability to deliver faster, more efficiently, and with better quality.
It’s widely accepted that digitization is not only here to stay, but also dominate.

Linking DevOps with Force Agile’s WOW! methodology together is Jari’s passion. Using his expertise and experience, Jari’s mission is to offer incredible advantages to Force Agile clients. Seeing them benefit from accelerated delivery gives him great personal satisfaction and a sense of pride.


Prash Patel

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

In His Own Words

I’m an Indian who was born in Africa, grew up in London, UK, and have been living in Malta for the past 15 years. My wife and I met in Paris and married in London. Today we have three young children and a tiny little Maltese terrier.

I’ve been called a workaholic by many… I can’t argue but I can’t call it work either, as I absolutely love what I do. Leisure time is a family affair… occasional travel and lots of walking, swimming in the Med, socialising with friends, eating good food, and drinking great wine. I’m a big whiskey fan too.

I’m a pretty good hand in the kitchen… love cooking. And yes, I do rustle up a mean curry (Indian of course!). The Mediterranean lifestyle suits me well and I cannot see us returning to big city life anytime soon. Living by the sea, on a tiny island, has ruined our chances of that ever happening again!

What Others Say

Prashant is a serial entrepreneur specialising in start-up, scale, and exit business models. He’s a seasoned professional with a broad level of expertise in multiple market sectors internationally. Prash is a highly-regarded strategic thinker who can add value at any stage of an organisation's development.

His passion and specialism, however, lies in driving sales and marketing in any enterprise he is involved in.

Over the past 30 years, he has built an enviable reputation in concept-to-launch, go-to-market strategies for disruptive tech-based online businesses. He specialises in the design, development, and deployment of behavioural-based, automated online marketing systems that generate and capture traffic, convert prospects to clients, optimise client retention, and win back past clients.

Prashant thrives on business models where he can deliver greater than anticipated ROI for shareholders, through effective delivery of the corporation’s promise to its customers.


Knut Aulund

Co-Founder, Group CEO

In His Own Words

My wife and I have four children, now grown up, who are spread around the world. We even have grandchildren!

I spend my leisure time outdoors, as much as possible. During wintertime, I love both downhill and cross country skiing. Living in the mountains of Norway gives me a unique opportunity to ski from November to May! Summertime is kayaking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and other stuff. Family life, cooking, and good wine is much appreciated.

Other interests are music (playing my trumpet is still something I want to do more) and friends – the more the better! Apart from this – I have a strong appetite for creating value!

What Others Say

Knut has served as a leader over many years, both in global businesses as well as domestic. He holds a Master of Business & Economics from Norwegian School of Management (BI) and majored in Petroleum Economy as International Management.

Since his early management buy out he has served as a CEO, COO, EVP, and Partner, always with the role of creating value for society, shareholders, employees, and partners. He has mastered several turnarounds, restructured companies, and involved himself in start-ups, both successes, and failures.

“Learn from mistakes quickly” is one of his mottos, because he believes that no one can get anywhere in life, or business if they are afraid to fail.


Jon Urdal

CEO, Norway

In His Own Words

I’m a Norwegian guy living in a country where the sun never sets. I live in Oslo, where the combination of urban life, fjords, and nature gives me all the inspiration I can ask for. Besides that, I am married to a beautiful Swedish madame. Together we have two lovely sons, and together the four of us create the most important part of my life.

Cycling, video, and photography are all activities that I really enjoy, and I always bring an action camera and a drone when cycling in the fabulous nature in Norway or along the beautiful Swedish west coast.

I am more than averagely interested in the art of wine tasting, and I love the exceptional value of pairing good food with a glass or two of nice wine. I also do some lecturing in wine and wine and food combinations, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you need some advice!

What Others Say

Being a C-level leader in Scandinavian companies, he has been responsible for transformations covering extreme turnarounds as well as cases based on continuous improvement over time.

All improvement experiences he has gained have been based on Lean thinking, Agile transformations, and customer-centricity. These keywords are important ingredients in all his professional work. In the recent 15 years, he has been fortunate to experience the all-important impact CEOs and top management have on creating sustainable improvement cultures. Leaders have the key to establish unbeatable teams and great company cultures based on continuous learning and Lean-Agile ways of working.

Besides his leadership experience, he is a mechanical engineer and a computer scientist working relentlessly to empower employees for improvements, produce wins, and anchor new ambitious approaches in the culture.


Alf GrandienAssociate

Associate Professor/Docent, Ph.D, Dr.Med.Sc,Strategic Advisor

In His Own Words

I can be described as analytical and calm with a touch of impatience in order to get things done. I like getting to know new people and cultures. Before settling down in Sweden, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to live in Paris, Denver, and Madrid over a ten year period.

Nowadays, if not working, I love to go to the Philippines, enjoying the Stockholm archipelago or skiing in the mountains with my family. I wish there would be more time available to enjoy music and the arts.

What Others Say

Alf likes to dissect complicated problems and communicate complex issues in an understandable manner. He has extensive experience in science, organization, and evaluation of science and research, as well as of teaching and supervision.

Alf has solid competence in several life science/biomedicine areas and familiar with the commercialization of science and entrepreneurship. He is the author of almost 80 published scientific papers.

Alf likes to dissect complicated problems and communicate complex issues in an understandable manner. He studied philosophy, political science, and molecular biology and has a Ph.D. from Pierre and Marie Curie University and a Dr.Med.Sc. from Uppsala University.

Alf has long experience in leadership, supervision, and teaching in Sweden, France, Spain, and the US. He also has a solid research background in immunology and cancer research and has published more than 80 scientific papers. He also has extensive experience in biotech/pharma, as well as innovation/entrepreneur processes including intellectual property strategies.

Alf has a particular interest in adapting and streamlining Agile/SAFe/WoW! Methodologies into organizations such as pharma/biotech, education, and academia as well as public management, in order to increase productivity, quality and creation of real value.


Caroline Persson

Executive Assistant

In Her Own Words

I grew up in Sweden and have moved around a lot in my life. In the summer of 2019, I took a one-way ticket to Malta where I live now. I am an outgoing and active person who loves to travel and see new places. In my spare time, I like to photograph, enjoy art exhibitions and read. I am always open to new adventures.

I also love to take care of myself by doing yoga, hikes in nature, hang out with my friends and family, and express my creativity by painting. Overall, I am a down to earth person.

What Others Say

Caroline is a genuine service-minded person and, in spite of her young age, she has already had the opportunity to experience several work and study environments, which has resulted in a high level of flexibility and the ability to communicate with people at all levels.

Caroline worked for some years in the hospitality industry where she enjoyed a service-minded and energised environment.

In the summer of 2019, she started work as an Executive Assistant at Force Agile in Malta. In her position, she was trusted in her working ability at an early stage. Very quickly she expanded her work experience on several levels. Now she has the pleasure of working with something that she genuinely believes in and with wonderful people who want to help and make a difference.

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