“Leadership, people and technology are the most important value creators any company really has. Our role is to make your leaders great, people strong and technology work, all within a customised delivery platform, and towards a common purpose!”

Knut AulundCo-Founder, Group CEO – Force Agile AS

Our Principles

Transformation with Leadership

The direction, drive, and support, in full, for a transformation has to be led by decision-makers. If leadership doesn’t transform, the organisation won’t transform. We always start at the top.

Experiential Delivery at All Times

Our deliveries are based on real experiences of serving our clients on a daily basis. We constantly update our knowledge by analysing what’s working, or no longer working, and infusing these insights into our practices. We give our clients the most up to date market intel possible and increase their potential for success as a result.

Being Current and Relevant

We help transform businesses by utilising our holistic combination of proven frameworks, dependable technologies, and tested talent optimisation strategies. We believe in the effective fusion of processes, technology, and talent to be the future of successful organisational agility.

Open-source Philosophy

Customising solutions for clients by utilising any methodology or framework at our disposal is at the core of our delivery. We never rely on a single framework. FAST! is a Force Agile platform that consists of all frameworks and methodologies we have experienced over 25 years of helping clients. It includes proprietary systems designed by Force Agile to fill the gaps appearing in aging agile methodologies.

Coaching for Self-sufficiency

Building dependency is counter-productive and is avoided at all costs. We never tell clients what solutions they need in their business or how they should go about implementing them. Instead, over time, we guide them through learnable processes to discover solutions and implement them by themselves. Our aim is to always become redundant in every organisation we help.

Our Credos

  • The power, will, and competence in our teams are keys to progress
  • Working tightly as a team brings all of us, and each of us, further towards our individual and corporate goals
  • Customer centricity defines our practices and guides us in all we do, all the time
  • There are no limits to improvement in what we can achieve together
  • Our ability to constantly adapt always will be our most powerful asset
  • Our combined knowledge, the respect we have for each other and common willingness to share makes us united, strong and unbeatable
  • Practice what we preach. We are the change and, for our clients, we only ever use methodologies that have given us positive results and experiences
  • Aim for incremental growth, across the board, towards a well-defined and well-communicated common goal
  • Insist on measuring everything against baseline metrics that stakeholders commit to at the inception of projects

Work With Us

We are always on the lookout for key professionals to join our growing team. We love talking with masters of their disciplines, passionate people who have an eye for creating value for our clients, as well as their customers.

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Professional Opportunities

Meet our Team


Jari Aho

Co-Founder - CEO, Sweden

In His Own Words

I was born on the same date as Finland officially became a nation. It’s always a Flag day on MY DAY in Finland. However, my parents moved to Sweden and that’s where I grew up. I have three fantastic girls from my former marriage. Together with my girlfriend we now have 5 girls to handle, so I am well prepared for negotiations.
Sports keep me in good shape in my spare time. It gives me the energy I need to constantly develop and learn new things.

As a person, I am just a normally abnormal human being. Lots of humor. Don’t be surprised if I play with words even in very serious discussions. I do believe in a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone feels comfy. Honesty is an important principle and a lifelong attitude.

Favourite quote: Space is Dangerous - especially the space, between your ears!

What Others Say

As an entrepreneur, Jari has always stayed at the forefront of technology development. This ability gave Jari an early interest in DevOps, which accelerates an enterprise's ability to deliver faster, more efficiently, and with better quality.
It’s widely accepted that digitization is not only here to stay, but also dominate.

Linking DevOps with Force Agile’s FAST! methodology together is Jari’s passion. Using his expertise and experience, Jari’s mission is to offer incredible advantages to Force Agile clients. Seeing them benefit from accelerated delivery gives him great personal satisfaction and a sense of pride.


Knut Aulund

Co-Founder, Group CEO

In His Own Words

My wife and I have four children, now grown up, who are spread around the world. We even have grandchildren!

I spend my leisure time outdoors, as much as possible. During wintertime, I love both downhill and cross country skiing. Living in the mountains of Norway gives me a unique opportunity to ski from November to May! Summertime is kayaking, hiking, hunting, fishing, and other stuff. Family life, cooking, and good wine is much appreciated.

Other interests are music (playing my trumpet is still something I want to do more) and friends – the more the better! Apart from this – I have a strong appetite for creating value!

What Others Say

Knut has served as a leader over many years, both in global businesses as well as domestic. He holds a Master of Business & Economics from Norwegian School of Management (BI) and majored in Petroleum Economy as International Management.

Since his early management buy out he has served as a CEO, COO, EVP, and Partner, always with the role of creating value for society, shareholders, employees, and partners. He has mastered several turnarounds, restructured companies, and involved himself in start-ups, both successes, and failures.

“Learn from mistakes quickly” is one of his mottos, because he believes that no one can get anywhere in life, or business if they are afraid to fail.

Lennart Wittberg

Associate Partner

In His Own Words

I am an introvert that loves to teach and to help people gain new insights. I like to challenge
peoples thinking and I want people to challenge my thinking. Learning is important to me
and an ongoing process. The best way to learn is to teach.

I don’t like being put into a category and being labelled. I study everything that I find
interesting but does not worry about diplomas. My professional life has circled around
strategic developments and change. The work has taken me to many places and cultures
around the world which has been educating. Writing is also important to me, and I have
written several books and numerous articles.

During my leisure time I enjoy the nature and culture of my home island in the Baltic Sea,
Gotland. It is a place with stunning nature and very much history and it provides peace and

What Others Say

Lennart is seen as a practitioner by theorists, and as a theorist by practitioners. He is often
the one that brings new perspectives, odd ideas and challenges the status quo.

Lennart has extensive experience from the public sector and a long background as chief
strategist at the Swedish Tax Agency. He played a key role in the transformation of the
Swedish Tax Agency from a feared tax collector to a popular service agency and is the co-
author of a book describing that journey. A book that has been translated into several
languages and used in many countries.

Lennart is today an independent advisor and author that is passionate about helping people
and organizations to understand systems thinking and cope with complexity and therefore
be better equipped to adapt to a constantly changing world. Lennart has written a book with
the title “Strategic Thinking – The art of understanding and making changes” (available in
Swedish and English).

Lennart has a background in science and economics but has a very broad interdisciplinary
interest. He enjoys helping people and does that with both humility and strong integrity,
because intellectual honesty is more important to him than being popular. Common
comments about Lennart is “He sees things that others don’t” and “Today many call
themselves strategists, but Lennart is a real one”.

Kristina Bähr

Associate Partner

In Her Own Words
I love to see people grow, and find it very satisfying to celebrate others sucesses. Therefore I love the coaching methodology and to be able to evoke peoples will to make their own successes. To give them the power and motivation to walk the steps needed. To do this I create environments for learning and growth. Both in coaching and in courses, I use a coaching attitude to evoke and engage the participant to take charge of their own process.

I want to work primarily from a perspective of organizational health, and a leadership style that increases well-being both in the employees and the organizational structures. To manage that I work with culture, value structures and economic markers, both with individuals, teams and management teams.

The goal is always to create a culture where communication for innovation is central. To find ways to create trust, togetherness, and compassion. That every person can be authentic at work, to ensure that everyone can perform, exist and be seen within the organization as something important. That everyone knows the goal, how to reach it and its own importance for the goal to be reached.


Alf Grandien

Associate Professor/Docent, Ph.D, Dr.Med.Sc,Strategic Advisor

In His Own Words

I can be described as analytical and calm with a touch of impatience in order to get things done. I like getting to know new people and cultures. Before settling down in Sweden, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to live in Paris, Denver, and Madrid over a ten year period.

Nowadays, if not working, I love to go to the Philippines, enjoying the Stockholm archipelago or skiing in the mountains with my family. I wish there would be more time available to enjoy music and the arts.

What Others Say

Alf likes to dissect complicated problems and communicate complex issues in an understandable manner. He has extensive experience in science, organization, and evaluation of science and research, as well as of teaching and supervision.

Alf has solid competence in several life science/biomedicine areas and familiar with the commercialization of science and entrepreneurship. He is the author of almost 80 published scientific papers.

Alf likes to dissect complicated problems and communicate complex issues in an understandable manner. He studied philosophy, political science, and molecular biology and has a Ph.D. from Pierre and Marie Curie University and a Dr.Med.Sc. from Uppsala University.

Alf has long experience in leadership, supervision, and teaching in Sweden, France, Spain, and the US. He also has a solid research background in immunology and cancer research and has published more than 80 scientific papers. He also has extensive experience in biotech/pharma, as well as innovation/entrepreneur processes including intellectual property strategies.

Alf has a particular interest in adapting and streamlining Agile/SAFe/FAST! Methodologies into organizations such as pharma/biotech, education, and academia as well as public management, in order to increase productivity, quality and creation of real value.

Marian Erstad

Associate Partner

In Her Own Words

10 years ago, my partner and I decided to move to Spain. The best decision ever! Since then
we have lived in Barcelona, and the last 2 years a bit south of Barcelona close to the beach.
We absolutely love our life here, and we are a happy family of 3. Our son, Leo, was born in
Barcelona 6 years ago and is a real “Spaniard”.

Being parents to an active boy keeps us busy! Most of our free time these days is spent on
the football field. When we get a break from football, we love exploring the beaches, eating
the delicious Spanish food, and doing lazy barbecues with good friends.

I also love to workout and do my yoga, and I need a little dose of this everyday. Normally it
happens on the rooftop early in the morning, overlooking the sea. I love this time for me
before Spain wakes up.

I am passionate about improving leadership. There is a huge potential in most organizations
to improve the business results by improving the way the leaders lead. In my experience,
most companies have not managed to maximize the potential that lies in their talented
workforce. When talent feels underused, the motivation and engagement drops. Not only
does the company lose an opportunity to maximize the return on the investment in talents,
there is also a big risk that they lose the talent.

We all know how expensive and time consuming it is to recruit. It's a real shame to lose great talent due to poor leadership..

What Others Say

Marian is very passionate about what she believes in. She knows what she wants and goes
for it. She has 14 years experience as a leader. She has built and led high performing teams,
built cultures and coached teams and individuals. After 20 years in the corporate world she
has now gone her own way to build her own business with the aim to follow her passion and
use her talent.

She is an expert in leadership. She coaches and teaches leaders on all levels how they can
build a leadership culture that fosters learning, development and innovation, and how to build
high performing teams.

Due to many years experience as an operational leader, she has gained a strong business
orientation. She also has naturally excellent soft skills. The combination of the two is the
secret ingredient to her success.

Marian's mantra is: To succeed as a leader you have to be courageous enough to be

Andreas Odhage

Associate Partner

In His Own Words

I grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, but love brought me to the “great plains” in the Swedish province of Östergötland. I live there together with my lovely wife and two wonderful sons in Linköping, the capital of the very same province. We’ve been living together in Linköping for almost 20 years, with a short break. Because we did live together in London, UK, for roughly a year around 2010 during an assignment I had serving the United Nations.
In my spare time I love snowboarding, downhill skiing, running, cycling, and occasional swimming. I have performed several long distance and endurance races in several different sports. And yes, I am an Ironman and still happily married.
I love to treat myself with a proper pint of real Ale, a dram of whisky or a glass of fine wine. The latter one preferably accompanied by great food. That is probably one of the reasons I exercise so much.
I like to try and learn new things. You could probably say I’m a bit of a bookworm, consuming around 30 books a year, preferably non-fiction and biographies. I’m always trying to push my limits. Being in the comfort zone is not my cup of tea.

What Others Say

Starting out as a Master Mariner roaming the high seas Andreas gained experience from what rough weather, close quarters and dull sea life do to group dynamics. After an intense but short career at sea Andreas went ashore and started to work with business development. A career he hasn’t changed since then, because he found the challenge in continuous improvement intriguing. Something he applies on himself.
During his +15 years of working with operational excellence he has gained knowledge and experience within a great number of improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and Agile practices. He is also a Global Lead auditor within several ISO standards such as ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. Andreas’s special skill is his ability to think holistic and to follow the common thread. He has also linked Lean and agile practices to all of the requirements in ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems.
He possesses a positive and approachable attitude towards clients and co-workers. Always seeking to contribute to a relaxed, honest and open atmosphere. Andreas is happy to share stories from his and others past failures and successes. Something that comes in handy when he holds motivational talks and lectures within continuous improvement and leadership.

Didier Soriano

Associate Partner

In His Own Words

I am a world citizen: I was born in the south of France to two Spanish parents who had to flee the Spanish Civil War. During my childhood, I always dreamt to travel and move abroad. As soon as I graduated from university, I went to work in Côte d’Ivoire in Africa, where I met a Norwegian girl who became the mother of my sons. The first decades of my careers were spent as a diplomat spouse. I followed my Norwegian ex-wife around the world, resigning and looking for a new position in different countries as she took on her diplomatic assignments. Constant changes gave me the strength to adapt to not just new cultures but also to new work-markets. We split our ways in Japan, during our second stay in Tokyo. I fell in love with Japan, the country, the people and the culture. I came back to Oslo to father my two wonderful sons. However, I managed to take with me a part of Japan through my Japanese wife.

When I am not working, which is seldom as my work is my passion, I spend my time exploring the advancements in technology, sharpening my language skills (Spanish, French, Norwegian, Japanese, Italian), cooking different delicacies in the kitchen and, when I have the opportunity, traveling back to France or Japan to be with my family.

What Others Say

Didier has had a career focused on introduction of new technologies, innovation and digitalization. He is an engineer of formation and never forgot it. He easily sees how technology can be used to support a business vision, often before others.

Didier is an Agile Evangelist and agility is a mindset he practices at work and in his private life. He has mastered several agile methods. He also has a unique capability of successfully putting to practice the theoretical concepts of agile by introducing the relevant aspects to the team thereby empowering them to plan and prioritize their deliverables efficiently.

Didier has been working in start-ups as well as large corporate groups. Working in start-ups fostered an entrepreneurial spirit he has brought to corporate levels. Given his diverse experience in management, he can successfully balance the building of modern technology platforms to enable business growth with the growing list of compliance requirements from the regulators.

Having been fortunate to have worked in three different continents, Didier is cognizant of the benefits of diversity in a workplace as well as the challenges they represent. He has successfully built and managed a team of individuals from various nationalities thereby fostering an environment of aspiration, healthy competition, and innovation.

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